Sunday, February 6, 2011

Back online! 2011 Will be A big year.

The last year has been crazy busy for tom (tammi) and I. My mom is still here. However, tom is working on project for several months out of town. I will go visit, but this means we will see lost of tammi. I've bought her the most wonderful Jessica Simpson open toe red pumps. They are too die for!!!! I kept with my size 11 rule which means tammi has got lots of work to do to wear them. These will be her biggest challenge because they compress her feet so much. Since I won't be there to direct her and punish her, I have also made a punishment device that fits in her bra. It contains upholstery tacks and thumb tacks. It is quite unpleasant. Start looking for tammi's first post soon. She has until Saturday to get it posted.

Oh, by the way tammis has to drop at least 1.5 inches per month from her waist until further notice. I am going to get rid of her gut yet!!!!!

Warmest Regards

Goddess Saddress

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

2009 - It is time to step tammi's training up a notch

While I generally pleased with tammi’s feminization there is so much more that must be done. I have limiting parameters that I am quite aware of concerning environment (work, family and community). However, within these limitations there is so much tammi must experience. I am searching for ideas and folks to take this to the next level. Sissy gina has been very helpful with a number of great ideas and the like. I hope to arrange an encounter for tammi with her, it might be a while but it will happen. I am also searching for others interested in assisting as well. tammi needs more "public" adventures to let her become more comfortable with her femininity. At some point, I would like a dominant couple to spend time with tammi. Ultimately, I have friends that think tammi should be required to spend some time with a real man. I struggle with this one a bunch and this is where I feel I need the most help. Weight loss is continued issue. I have an acquaintance that has reduced her sissy from 240 lbs to 160 lbs. She is very much into latex/leather and her sissy now looks stunning. She wants her slut down to 140 lbs, I can’t imagine how she can do it. I would settle to get tammi to 175-180 lbs.
I am encouraging any folks with ideas for public adventures, to please let me know. Email is great as tammi doesn’t get to see it that way.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

tammi a sissy

My feminization of tammi has progressed greatly through the years. I have encountered several challenges in her development including the fact we live in a relatively rural and conservative area where we are part of the community that wouldn’t accept my pursuit. Also, tammi is professional in the community as a man and that can’t change. Given these realities I have found various ways to overcome these obstacles. As a result, I am able to take advantage of business trips to let tammi experience training, outings, and other opportunities that exist in much larger cities that are more open to this. In addition, I have found various friends on the internet and other places to give advise and suggestions. Some advice has been quite helpful while other suggestions have not been practical and some down right dangerous. Understand the idea is not to destroy an individual but to help them grow and progress even if it is not a direction they might have picked or even thought of on their own. By and large, I am quite happy with tammi’s progress. However, I have had to use both positive and unfortunately negative reinforcement to achieve tammi’s compliance. I have not done anything overly cruel to tammi; nevertheless, “spare the rod spoil the sissy” is quite true. I am always open to suggestions and ideas to extend tammi’s training. In the coming months, I will be seeking input for tammi's further development and training. she has a long way to go and many new things to experience. This journey will prove to be quite difficult and challenging for tammi as I prepare to raise the bar concerning my expecations for her.